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Be with us, ski with us. Best ski resort in Ukraine.

The 9th season by Winter-U©


30th of January to 3d of February, 2019


Bukovel, Ukraine


We are happy to invite you to Winter Jew© 2019, the best international Jewish forum of this winter!

Experience the 9th season of our famous Winter U© with us!
It will happen from January 30 till February 3d, 2019 at one of the best ski resorts of Eastern Europe. New acquaintances and unforgettable program are waiting for you.

  • The program includes skies, entertaining events, cognitive lectures and workshops, Shabbat and Havdala celebrations, theme parties and, of course, tons of positive emotions. If you don`t ski, no problem at all, because daytime educational and entertaining events, walks and excursions, unlimited spa-zone in the hotel will be available for you, along with the opportunities of the ski resorts, which are not limited by only tracks and lifts.
  • Holiday atmosphere in a pleasant Jewish company, this is Winter Jew©! Prepare your skies, snowboards and attire! We are waiting for you! Winter Jew© – be with us, ski with us!
  • Join Jewish young adults (18-40) from different countries all over the world at the Winter Jewish Gathering of the year!
  • Personal & Business Networking
  • New acquaintances & Theme evenings
  • Colorful program & heartwarming atmosphere
  • Educational lectures & workshops
  • Kabalat Shabbat & Havdala celebration
  • One of the best ski resorts of Eastern Europe (Bukovel)

Winter Jew© - be with us, ski with us!

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*SUPER EARLY BIRD price(if paid until January 8th):
- for participants from Ukraine 7499 UAH
- for participants from FSU & Baltic countries 299 EUR
- for participants from other countries 349 EUR 

* REGULAR price (if paid between January 9th and January 20th):
- for participants from Ukraine 7999 UAH
- for participants from FSU & Baltic countries 339 EUR
- for participants from other countries 389 EUR

* LAST MINUTE price (if paid after January 20th):
- for participants from Ukraine 8499 UAH
- for participants from FSU & Baltic countries 389 EUR 
- for participants from the other countries 409 EUR

• You also can make a donation for helping other people to participate and help to organize the event


*Luxury hotel
*Free Wi-Fi access
*Marvelous mountain view from every room
*Parking lot with 24h security.
* The best ski resort in Ukraine - Bukovel for skiers (www.bukovel.com):
- 50 km ski slopes for all categories of skiers
- evening and night slopes

For security reasons the location details and name of the hotel will be announced only to the participants in a week before event starts.


- 4 nights / 5 days accommodation
- Half Board (HB) (Kosher style. Vegetarian option by request)
- Unlimited hotel SPA zone
- Program
- Free visa support (if needed)


How to get there:

By bus or train: you need to get to Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, Chernivtsi or Lviv.
The train tickets can be bought at Ukrainian railway website
Kyiv-Lviv everyday overnight trains are №№ 73, 99, 141, 207, 13, 43, 81, 143, and also Intercity No 743.
Kyiv-Ivano-Frankivsk everyday overnights trains are №№73, 43 and 143.
The distance to Bukovel ski resort from different towns of Western Ukraine are:
• Ivano-Frankivsk - Bukovel - 110 km
• Lviv - Bukovel – 245 km
• Ternopil - Bukovel - 250 km
• Chernivtsi – Bukovel - 160 km
You should take an airplane to Ivano-Frankivsk or Lviv.
There are direct flights from Kyiv to Ivano-Frankivsk and Tel-Aviv-Lviv by Ukraine International Airlines. More
information at: http://www.flyuia.com/eng/main.htmlf
You can also get to Lviv from Warsaw by direct everyday train. More information at: http://www.intercity.pl/pl/



Travel expenses, ski equipment rental and ski passes are not included in the general participation fee.
Transfers from/to Lviv/Ivano-Frankivsk airport/train station will be organized upon request and are not included in the general participation fee.

Bukovel is the biggest Ukrainian ski resort, which is situated in Ivano-Frankivsk region. The ski season lasts from the end of November till the middle/end of April.
The resort is located near Polianytsia village in Ivano-Frankivsk region, 35 km away from the town of Yaremche and 100 km away from Ivano-Frankivsk. The history of the resort has started since 2000 and today it is the best place for winter time in Ukraine. There is opportunity to ski not only for professionals, but for beginners too.
• 60 km of prepared tracks. 100 % equipped with snow cannons.
• 63 ski tracks of various difficulty levels
• 16 lifts with throughput of 34700 people/hour
• Ski school (including a special children one)
• Ski equipment rental
• Snow-park
• bike-park
• 56 tracks
• Length of tracks is from 300 till 2350 m.
• Track classification: blue, red, black.
• Elevation is from 40 till 285 m.
• Sports tracks for slalom-giant and mogul (№ 1А)
16 lifts:
• 11 with 4 seats
• 1 with 2 seats (№ 2)
• 1 with 3 seats (№ 3)
• 1 with yoke (№ 6)
• Multi-elevators: 2
Track map of Bukovel:

bukovel map

Additional entertainment in Bukovel include the following:
• A lake with heating ecosystem and equipped beach territory
• Rope alpine-park
• Ice rink
• Bike-park
• Dog team tours, walking tours and excursions, horse tours
• ATV-tours
• Paintball / Airsoft
• Extreme-park
• Climbing wall
• Rafting
• Snowbike
• Children club and entertaining center
Additional information about Bukovel ski resort can be found at the official website: http://bukovel.com/en/


Lviv is the cradle of Western Ukraine, the city of culture, coffee and chocolate. Today Lviv is one of the most important cultural centers of Ukraine. The city is famous as art, literature, music and theater center. The historical city center is the UNESCO World Heritage site. The biggest quantity of architecture sites in Ukraine in situated here. In 2009 Lviv was named Cultural capital of Ukraine.
First of all, travelers are attracted to Lviv by European-style narrow streets and beautiful architecture, which saturated traditions of different nations and styles. There is something from the middle ages, even though there are many contemporary buildings. Nevertheless, different ages has left a considerable print in the city architecture: Gothic and Baroque, Renaissance and Roman style, Rococo and Empire style, modern eclecticism and constructivism are mingled at its streets.
Lviv was founded by a Galician prince Danilo Romanovich in the middle of XIII century. Austria-Hungary and Poland had a huge impact on Lviv`s religion, culture and architecture. Ukrainians, Russians, Poles, Armenians and Jews used to live and live in Lviv now. And every nation has made its contribution into the city`s culture. Jewish history of Lviv started many centuries ago. Jews have been known in Lviv since 1352, and the first reference about a city Jewish community was in 1387. Jews of Lviv lived together in ghetto, which is now situated in the heart of the city. In 1550 352 Jews lived in Jewish quarter. Many Jews came to Lviv from the West in 1569. There were many pogroms, performed by Polish aristocracy, soldiers and students (in 1572, 1592, 1613, 1618). In the second part of XVII century because of ghetto overcrowding Jews started to move to the small towns near Lviv, such as Zhovkva, Buchach, Brody. Jewish community grew and developed. In 1939 there were 97 synagogues in the city. Third part of Lviv population before the World War II was Jewish. During Nazi occupation almost all Jews were exterminated. Modern Jewish community of Lviv significantly decreased because of immigration and assimilation and is approximately 2000 people. A significant monument of the Jewish quarter was the Golden Rose synagogue at I. Fiodorova street. It is a unique architecture site. In 1941 it was destroyed and only one wall was left. Nowadays Lviv Jewish community tries to restore the Golden Rose.

Main sightseeing places of Lviv:

- Market square and a town hall, the main city square;
- High Castle, a park and a wonderful observation point;
- Lviv opera house, which is one of the most beautiful opera buildings in Europe;
- Potocki palace;
- Pharmacy-museum, founded in 1795;
- Italian patio is a classical patio in Italian style;
- Arsenal is a part of the city fortifications;
- Golden Rose synagogue wall;
- Greek-Catholic, Roman-Catholic and Armenian churches;
- Lychakiv cemetery etc.
In addition, particular Lviv sites are various theme cafes, restaurants and bars. Here you can visit a stonemason`s lodge, a shelter of Ukrainian guerillas, Jewish tavern and even masochists. And what a delicious coffee you can fins here…Welcome to Lviv!

More information at http://lviv.travel/en/index


Ivano-Frankivsk is a town in Western Ukraine, founded in 1662 and named Stanislav. With its pastel Neo-Classic mansions, neat scenic gardens and charming cobblestones, Ivano-Frankivsk can be considered as one of the most cozy and nice towns of Ukraine.
Soon after its foundation hetman S.Potocki allowed Jews to settle down freely and gave a half of the town butchery to them. A Jewish street appeared with the development of Jewish life in the town, where a wooden synagogue was built not later than in 1672. In XVIII century Jewish population decreased and increased because of conflicts with authorities that kicked out and then invited Jews again to the town for economy improvement. In 1772 the town came under control of Austria. Since then the Jewish population had been increasing, and Jewish crafts had been developing. Synagogues, Jewish schools and hospitals were built. During World War I Russian troops occupied Stanislav twice (in 1914 and in 1916); the town was destroyed, the synagogue was burnt down and many Jews fled to Prague and Vienna. In 1919-39 Stanislav was a part of Poland. By 1939 approximately 30000 Jews lived in the town. In September 1939 Stanislav joined Soviet Union. New authorities liquidated all Jewish organizations. In summer 1941 the Nazis started to kill Jews and sent them to ghetto. Then people were sent to Belzec extermination camp from the ghetto. The majority of Stanislav Jews didn`t survive during Holocaust.
Jewish community was restored only in 1990; the authorities returned the building of the reform synagogue. What you should do in Ivano-Frankivsk is just purposelessly roam around charming paved streets, enjoying rest and scenes of these places. As for sightseeing places, it is the building of the townhouse (1935), which is considered to be the only one in Ukraine built in modern style. Also Blessed Virgin Mary (1703) and Jesuit church and convent (1750`s), which was blessed as the Greek-Catholic church in 1849. Here a Jesuit college was also created and in 1750`s a famous polish poet Franciszek Karpinski studied there.
There is also an Armenian church (XVIII century), Trinitarians church and convent and also the only Catholic church in town, the Church of Jesus Almighty (1927). There is a Temple synagogue (1895-1899).
You can also walk to Potocki palace (XVII-XVIII centuries), which was used as a military hospital and that`s why it was preserved. But today, unfortunately, it is in a very bad condition. Moreover, there are many notable monuments in the town: to Adam Mickiewicz (1898), Ivan Franko (1995) and a disputable monument to Stepan Bandera, which was established in 2008 at the place, where the Soviet T-34-85 tank used to stand.
Information about Ivano-Frankivsk can be found at the official town website: http://www.mvk.if.ua/en


For more info contact: info@winter-jew.org